About Us

What We Do!

Davina Douthard Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Through our sister organization, Davina Douthard Inc., and image consulting firm, we assist individuals achieve success in their lives. Our program, Polishing The Professional is an image consulting firm and career center, providing personal branding and professional development for individuals seeking success in the workplace.

Creating Success Stories Since 1991

Polishing The Professional has assisted executives, recent graduates, professional athletes and others achieve success. Our program has been used and we are contracted throughout the United States and internationally with many prestigious organizations including the State of California Regional Centers, CA Department of Rehabilitation, Los Angeles County Department of Community and Senior Services and The United States Governments, Social Security Administration’s Ticket To Work program and other private organizations and individuals.

A Leader In Disability Employment Since 1998

Since 1998, Polishing The Professional has worked with individuals with disabilities and others with significant barriers to work to become productive members of society. PTP’s work with this population has turned Polishing The Professional into the leading individualized employment program in Southern California. Recognizing the success of the program, The State of California, Westside and South Central Regional Center awarded  Polishing The Professional exclusive agreements to help further increase employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities, in 2007. From 2008, PTP exceeded the average placement rates 11 times, yielding a whopping 1100%.

90+% Success Rate

Polishing The Professional has achieved a ninety percent plus success rate of preparing and employing clients in suitable employment. This is achieved through a combination of understanding the needs of each individual and that of the employers as well as a strong assessment, job matching, and providing ongoing support to ensure the clients success while holding clients accountable for their own success.

Our Philosophy

The fact that any of our clients happen to have a disability is not the basis for why we provide our services. The driving force and commitment behind our services are to help individuals achieve success in their lives. Whether the person we are supporting is an athlete, actress, corporate executive or entry level worker, our goals are the same, which is to help them achieve workplace success. However, we take into account each individual’s needs, capabilities, abilities, strengths, desires and interest. Then seek to establish reasonable accommodations which help our clients to overcome their individual challenges and achieve the level of success they seek.